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Our Services

We provide various pediatric diagnostic services and dental treatments.  Please contact us for an assessment specific to your needs.

Preventive: treatments such as fluoride, x-rays, sealants, professional cleaning, as part of the well visit.

Restorative: different restorative options that are fitted for each individual.


Frenectomy: tethered oral tissues that contribute to difficulties in breastfeeding, sucking/swallowing, breathing, or speech, etc.

Sedation: for patients who need multiple restorative visits and long appointments, have gag reflex, are of pre-cooperative age, or find local anesthetic ineffective.

Orthodontics + Dentofacial Orthopedics: monitor individual growth and development in case early orthodontic treatments are necessary.  They can help prevent the need for permanent teeth extraction and jaw surgeries.  At the appropriate age, a complementary orthodontic consultation with our dual pedo-ortho trained dentists is recommended.

Feeding.Breathing.Sleep.Speech:  work with a team of health professionals to coordinate and create an appropriate timeline on treatments for the optimal results.  Provide oral ties release (frenctomy/frenulopasty), and oral appliances for expansion at our office.

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