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Lip/ Tongue ties | Frenectomy | Breastfeeding | Mouthbreathing | Speech | Sleep

Having experienced difficulties in breastfeeding her daughter as a nursing mother, Dr. Lau became determined to receive trainings in the field and dedicate herself to help families in their individual journeys.  Her continuing training now also include in fields relating to speech and airway.  

We work closely with a team of professionals to support those who want to breastfeed but are experiencing complications associated with lip tie/ tongue tie.  Some complications include extreme pain and discomfort for moms, gassy and poor weight gain for babies with colic symptoms and reflux.  At our office, our dedicated team can evaluate, diagnose, and treat the oral tethered tissues with laser.  Post-revision care is important to the success of revision.  We continue to support and work with your lactation consultant and other professionals so the baby can learn to use his/her tongue and lips in a new way.

Children who are affected by sleep disordered breathing may show symptoms such as bedwetting, failure to thrive, daytime sleepiness, behavioral problems and/or decrease in quality of life.  A team approach is important because we offer different types of treatments and therapies to adjust the oral motor functions.  At our practice, we provide complimentary screening for our patients.

As a health professional who focuses in the area of oral cavity, besides our teeth, the additional training includes the tongue and oral motor functions.  We work with speech language pathologists, speech therapists, feeding therapists, and myofunctional therapists closely.  The combination of tongue tie release and therapies may be necessary to provide the best results for speech issues.

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