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Starting dental visits at an early age is a lifetime investment which helps to foster a positive and pleasant impression on the children.  Our approach towards your children is built on gentleness, encouragement, affection and understanding.  Our treatment methods are often fun and relaxed.

Our office environment is designed to be relaxing and friendly.  The color scheme, decor, and layout are implemented to augment the seamless flow of our operation.  Understanding children is important.  Our clinical staff is experienced with them and in working in offices specialized in pediatric.  The team is trained to help your visit go smoothly.  Information provided in advance allows us to be prepared for your child.  We also provide  complementary insurance benefit checks, if needed.  You may have concerns beyond the scope of a routine check-up.  We are ready to offer consultation and professional examination to address them while you are in the office.

Contact us for a consultation or to schedule an appointment today.

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